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2021 Australian Citizenship Test

Congratulations on choosing to become an Australian citizen. It takes courage, endeavor and commitment
to live in a new country and participate fully as a citizen. We value your contribution to our peaceful and
democratic society. Australian citizenship is an important step in your migration story.

The Australian citizenship test plays a valuable role in encouraging people to find out more about Australia, as well as understanding the responsibilities and privileges being an Australian citizen brings. All the information you need to pass the test is in the citizenship test resource Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.

About Australia Citizenship Practice Test:

– The test is in English
– consists of 20 multiple choice questions, and
– You must answer %75 of the questions correct in order to pass.
– There is not a separate English language test but you will need a basic knowledge of English to pass the test.

Before you can set the citizenship test, you must apply for citizenship. Becoming an Australian citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that this country stands for. It is
also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian community. It is the step that will enable
you to say ‘I am Australian’.

How to get Australian Citizenship?

Australian citizenship is a privilege that offers enormous rewards. By becoming an Australian citizen, you are joining a unique national community. Our country has been built on the combined contributions of our Indigenous people and those who came later from all over the world. We celebrate this diversity and at the same time, strive for a unified and harmonious nation. The strength of the Australian community means that we work together to solve problems and to make Australia the great country that it is. We have a stable system of government and Australians respect the authority and laws of the government. Our stability, our culture and our laws have been shaped by our history. By joining the Australian community, you will inherit this history and you will be in a position to contribute to it.

Australia is an ancient land. It is vast and unique. It is a country of rainforests and woodlands; of golden
beaches and dry deserts. Our Indigenous cultures are the oldest continuing cultures in the world. We are also a young nation; a nation of migrants. European settlement in Australia began in 1788 and we continue to welcome new migrants today. People from more than 200 countries have made Australia their home. As a result, our society is one of the most diverse in the world. Australia successfully combines ethnic and cultural diversity with national unity. Citizenship is the bond that unites us all.

On 17 September 2006 the Australian Government released a discussion paper seeking community views on the merits of introducing a formal citizenship test. More than 1644 responses were received with 60 per cent of respondents supporting the introduction of a citizenship test. A further 25 per cent of respondents were opposed to the introduction of a formal citizenship test and the remaining 15 per cent did not state a clear view either way.

On 11 December 2006 the Government announced its intention to introduce a citizenship test and values statements for permanent and selected temporary visa applicants.

The Australian Citizenship Amendment (Citizenship Testing) Bill 2007 was introduced into Parliament on 30 May 2007 and was passed by the Parliament on 12 September 2007. The citizenship test was implemented on 1 October 2007.

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