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Sample Questions:

Q) What is another term to describe the default route for a client?

A. Black hole

B. Default gateway

C. Gateway path

D. Proxy ARP

Q) Which of the following is not one of the MT topologies defined for IS-IS?

A.IPv4 In-Band Management

B. IPv6 Routing

C. IPv4 Multicast Routing

D. IPv6 Multicast Routing

E. All of the above are MT topologies defined for IS-IS.

Q) Which of the following commands can be used to display the number of SPF computations that have been performed on a router?

A. show router ospf area <area-id>

B. show router ospf neighbor

C. show router ospf interface

D. show router ospf status

Q) Which of the following statements describe the major features of OSPF? Choose two answers.

A. Fast reroute capability

B. Control traffic prioritization

C. Route redistribution

D. Traffic engineering extensions

E. Cut through forwarding

Q) What causes an adjacency to change from down to two ways?

A. When a link state update is received in response to a link state request.

B. When a router receives a Hello packet that contains its own router ID in the neighbor list from a neighbor.

C. When a router receives a database description packet from a neighbor.

D. When a link state acknowledgement is received in response to a link state update.