Your step-by-step guide to lose those stubborn menopause kilos once and for all

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  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 articles
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  • No skills required.


Worldwide, obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. It is one of the leading risk factors for premature death and was linked to 4.7 million deaths globally in 2017. As a result, the weight loss industry exploded. There are millions of programs, diets, meal plans and memberships that can help with weight loss but still, a shocking 39% of adults in the world are overweight, with 13% obese. There’s no lack of information to tackle those extra kilos. However, knowing what to do doesn’t always translate to doing what you know.

Losing weight is 10 % about exercising and eating right and 90% about mindset. You can have the best workout plan and the most effective recipes, but if you don’t feel motivated to train or cook, you will never get off the couch and into your tight jeans.

This course will help you with precisely that. It shows you how you stop dreaming about what could be and live the life you always wanted.

We will approach willpower, cravings and fat burning from all angles to give you a solid base for sustainable weight loss.

My proven system will teach you how to develop a reliable mindset, heal your gut and exercise without extreme diets or excessive gym sessions.

This is what we’ll be covering:

  • Step 1: How to find motivation to get started.Step 2: Exploring your Bigger WHYStep 3: Why mindset is everything to lose weightStep 4: Everything you need to know about nutrition for weight lossStep 5: How to feed your gut to lose weightStep 6: Fire up your metabolism to kick off fat burning

The course is based on my successful group program, which helped women across the globe to lose more weight than they ever thought was possible. Now you have the chance to achieve similar results but in your own time.

I’ve been teaching for almost three decades and know that watching videos doesn’t always mean putting what you learned into practice. This is why I created a beautiful workbook to make it easier to follow along. It summarises each section with fun quizzes and provides additional tips, menu plans, workout ideas and printable handouts.

If you like my free mini-course, you’ll love this one. Where I covered the basics in the mini-course, I now go much deeper and guide you through the six essential steps to lose those extra kilos once and for all!

Who this course is for:

  • You’re a women over 40.
  • You’re trying hard to lose weight, but nothing works.
  • You’re frustrated every time you look in your wardrobe because nothing fits anymore.
  • You’re looking for guidance on sustainable weight loss rather than a quick fix.