End the Supply Confusion – A Guide to What Acrylic Painting Supplies to Choose When You Enter an Art Store..

48min of on-demand video.


  • There are no prerequisites – only that you have a desire to create an acrylic painting and the need to purchase the correct materials!


Buying art supplies can be very confusing! 

Walking in the door of a large art supply store, with the thought in your mind that you want to create an acrylic art project, can be overwhelming when you look at the countless aisles filled with every art supply imaginable. Just going to the canvas section opens the door to so many canvas styles, sizes and textures; how do you know which to choose and why? Have you thought of using something other than canvas? There are quite a few other options, and just one of them is paper.   Hundreds of paints and brushes . . . to easel or not to easel – and more.

This video will use slides, photographs, and videos of me showing you different examples of art supplies. This is a fun and informative journey into the supplies you need to buy to complete your art without spending money on supplies you might not need.   

Let’s get started on a fun and informative adventure through the aisles of an art supply store!

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access – You Can Revisit the Lectures Anytime
  • No previous experience needed
  • Easy to follow video lectures

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that has gone to an art store and been overwhelmed or confused by the array of supplies available! Could be a beginner painter or someone that has been painting for a bit and wants to know what they are lookiing at in the way of acrylic painting supplies without first spending the money.