Prepare for the AWS certification exam and learn various cloud concepts, AWS components

This course includes:

  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of completion


  • Willingness to pursue a career as a Solutions Architect, or AWS Systems Analyst or Cloud Engineer: The AWS Certified Solutions Architect course does not need any prerequisites and can be learned by any learner to master the basic concepts of AWS Solutions Architect Certification requirements. AWS Solutions Architect or Systems Architect requires a lot of strong knowledge of computing, systems architect concepts, and networking which is described in a detailed manner. The basic and advanced concepts on AWS Certified Solutions Architect are described comprehensively along with its description in the course. This training can be chosen by the learners who are having strong knowledge of computer science topics or networking concepts or computing systems concepts or any other previous architectural related experience. Knowledge in Networking or Computing or Technical Architect level experience: Any practical experience or strong core knowledge in the areas of Solutions Architect or AWS Solutions Architect related concepts or AWS Cloud experience or is an added advantage and highly beneficial in learning the contents of this AWS Solutions Architect Training further. This AWS Certified Solutions Architect also provides few other benefits upon learning the AWS cloud architectural concepts or deployment and management of systems on AWS Cloud platform


  • The set of skills which can be obtained on completing the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training are such as AWS Concepts, Storage Components, Data Storage, EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud, Database on AWS, Route 53, Application Services, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Computing, Exam Tips, AWS, Java API, AWS CLAWS Security, etc.
  • The AWS Solutions Architect Training has few sub-topics / chapters in an individual course that further contains subchapters under each course which are described as course curriculum are Build Pipelines, AWS Components, AWS Services, AWS Cloud architecture, AWS Platform, and Infrastructure details and its several applications for complex requirements, etc.
  • Some skills that can be acquired upon completion of this course are such as EC2, VPC, AWS S3, AWS Email Service, DevOps, Sysops, Route 53, Machine Learning, Cloud Migration, AWS Tools, etc.
  • The AWS Solutions Architect Training also contains a set of tangible skills that are covered from basic level to advanced level are such as Application Services like SQS, SWF, SNS, Setting up AMI, EC2, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), etc.
  • This course is highly useful for the deployment and management of robust services that are supposed to design for cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable, and distributed systems on AWS

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a certification program designed by Amazon Company. which is developed on its own to provide services to the customers on its hosting platform. This certification can be achieved by clearing an exam called AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2019 which is an online exam. It contains multiple-choice questions and facilitates 130 minutes to finish. It is available in multiple languages. It costs 150 USD. To clear this exam, one has to have a piece of strong knowledge on basic concepts such as networking, AWS compute, AWS storage services, and database services, AWS management, and deployment services identifying and defining technical requirements of an AWS based application. The skills recommended obtaining the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification are to understand the basic architecture of AWS and its principles, AWS global infrastructure, security features, tools, and related traditional services.

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect requires a strong knowledge of computing, networking concepts, security principles of building on the AWS cloud platform. Also, the best practices for building reliable and secure applications. This certification requires practical experience to clear the exam. A professional who performs a solutions architect role requires this type of certification

Who this course is for:

  • All the learners of this AWS Solutions Architect Training will be able to master all the topics that are related to AWS Certified Solutions Architect and its deployment & maintenance of systems and services on the AWS Cloud Platform which have been part of the contents of this course. This AWS Certified Solutions Architect course adds great benefits to all the prospective learners in the form of their career roles such as a Cloud Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, Data Analyst, Vmware Administrator, QA QC Engineer, Solution Architect, Inspection Engineer, Cloud Migration Engineer, etc. This course can be chosen to secure better career opportunities in the AWS Cloud Services Development Area. Bachelors / Masters from Technical / Science / Computers Background: All the interested learners with the background from Bachelor / Master in Technical or Science or Computers area can choose this Edu CBA’s AWS Solutions Architect Training to become an AWS Developer or AWS Cloud Engineer or AWS Consultant in some bigger MNCs.