Best workout plan to gain muscles & get a six pack FAST at the gym.

32min of on-demand video.


  • Have a gym membership
  • Motivation
  • Transportation of some kind


In this course, you will learn about the workout plan that will allow you to gain muscles & get a six-pack, the fastest and EASIEST way possible.

I have 9 sections for you to learn from, however, the first section will cover the top common mistakes I see beginners making in the gym & their solutions. I decided to cover these common mistakes first before going over the gym workout plan I have provided for you. All of which will be explained in detail.

My goal is to take you from total beginner to expert status as fast as possible. So after we cover common mistakes, we will move into goal setting and how to find your why. You may have many reasons for getting in shape, but we will find your most motivating reasons together. You will know WHY you’re getting in shape and use it to stay true to your goals.

You will learn the importance of workout partners (inner circle), rest, & best range of reps/sets to apply to the full-body workout plan I have provided for you. You can download the plan to follow in my resource section. I did my best to make sure all the information in this course is in the best order to follow and digest.

We will then move onto the scheduling and workout plan aspect of this whole course. You can download the Master Plan PDF and follow along accordingly. As you begin to understand the correct concepts behind getting in shape, all the pieces of the puzzle will begin to come together for you.

Then we will go over mindset and motivation together to top this all off. You will learn how to turn your shitty beliefs into beautiful affirmations of positivity and unlimitedness. You will learn how to always stay solution-oriented. You will learn how to set your daily intentions towards only your goals.

I added a bonus section for you to find new music and apply it to your workouts. Plus some other freebies which are a secret till your get to that section!

Thanks for reading over my course, excited to see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner-Intermediate
  • Younger guys who are new to the gym
  • NOT LIMITED to just younger guys but older gentleman as well
  • Women can use a lot of this info as well, but primarily men