Learn a repeatable framework for getting your C-suite to fund your initiatives and embrace you as a valuable advisor.


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Are you struggling to get funding for your talent management initiatives?

Finding and developing the right talent to deliver business objectives is on every C-level executive’s mind.  In today’s dynamic business environments, leaders know that talent management is key to success.  Yet, companies often struggle to figure out where to make investments, especially when the return isn’t immediately measurable or apparent.  

You can overcome this by providing the right business intelligence to make the case for these investments clear, concise and aligned to strategic objectives.

During this free course you will learn a repeatable framework to identify the talent management challenge in your organization, convert it to a business opportunity, and learn how to communicate so the C-suite pays attention.  You will also get to see the framework in action when we go through a case study.

Who this course is for:

  • Human Resources Professional or Business Leader who is interested in the people aspects of the business