1hr 10min of on-demand video.

Data Manipulation and PCA.


  • No Prior programing knowledge is required.


In this course, we learn the following:

How to Stet a working directory

How to  Import a txt or  csv file

How to eliminate duplicate rows in the data

How to  detect rows containing missing values

How to eliminate rows containing missing values

How to  replace missing values

How to select a subset of the data based on specifics criteria 

How to do arithmetic on columns 

How detect strongly correlated variable (some nice plots for visualization )

How to compute the correlation matrix , the eigenvalue and eigenvector

How  select the number of components  

How to compute the components  

Who this course is for:

  • If you are working on a large data set or trying to get some informations about your data , then this course is a right fit for you.