Building A Hit Brand in a Noisy Online World.

1hr 39min of on-demand video


  • You should have a basic digital marketing understanding. Ideally, you should already have a FB Business Account & Google Ads Words Account.


How can you build a HIT / VIRAL brand in record time? Is it even possible? 

In today’s noisy social media world, it has become increasingly difficult to draw the attention of your idea customer. Branding and providing value, is more important than ever. However, how can you create a WOW factor which will make customers eager to work or purchase from you? 

In this class, I am going to provide you with a digital marketing roadmap so you can monetize your passion & stop wasting precious hours on social media. 

Here is what we will cover: 

#1. Understanding the Algorithm & how to make it fall in love with your content 

#2. How to Get inside your customers head and make them want more  

#3. How to get an edge in a crowded online space

#4. How to get traction with your digital marketing efforts from setting up FB & Instagram Ads 

This class is for digital marketers, small business owners, creatives, individuals looking to become influencers, e-commerce businesses or anyone looking to understand today’s online landscape.  

You will walk away with a roadmap in how to bring qualified traffic and start monetizing from it.

Hope to see you inside. 

Who this course is for:

  • This class is for anyone who is looking to learn more about Digital Marketing; whether a CMO at a Startup; or a burgeoning entrepreneur. If you are looking to start getting your name / brand / ecommerce business out there, in an effective way, this class is for you.