1hr 3min of on-demand video.

A complete guide across all the properties, values and concepts behind the new Flexbox CSS module..


  • Students should have basic understanding of HTML and CSS


This course is about Flexbox, the new layout module in CSS3 that lets build complex layouts more easily, with less code and with better quality.

It let’s you lay out, align and distribute space among items within a container, even when their sizes are unknown or dynamic.

In this course you’ll learn how to use flexbox for:

  • Aligning items both vertically and horizontally
  • To build from even the most complex layouts with ease
  • To build more responsive design
  • To create modern grids
  • And much more.

The only thing you need to take this course is:

  • A web browser
  • Knowledge of CSS 
  • Knowledge of HTML.

During this course I will walk you through all the properties of this new CSS module but, besides that, I’ll teach you the fundamentals. So you can understand what is really happening when working with the different properties.

Once you get the key concepts, the rest will be a joy to work with.

For this course I’ve built a page to give all the content you might need and it will have several exercises and embed code editor to see flexbox in action!

In these  exercises you’ll be able to change all the CSS and HTML e see the results live, which is really good so you can try different properties and values and see what is happening to your layout.

Here are the topics that we’ll be talking about:

  • Browser support
  • Basics and terminology
  • Flex container vs flex items
  • Flex direction
  • Wrapping content
  • Alignment on the main axis 
  • Alignment on the cross axis
  • Flex items alignment
  • Ordering items
  • Managing item’s sizing

At the end, I’ll give you some additional resources that might be helpful for you when working with flexbox.

Who is the target audience?

  • Web designers and front-end developers
  • People who is tired of struggling with layout problems
  • Anyone  who likes to find the cleanest and most reliable solutions

Who this course is for:

  • This course is targeted for those who want to learn how to build layouts using Flexbox
  • This course is perfect to those who ever had nightmares about how to align, scale and position their HTML elements
  • This course suits anyone who want to learn new techniques to organize their layouts with a clean and simple set of CSS rules