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Sample Questions:

What topology admitted when MSA2000FC connected directly?

Point by point

A loop




Your client implements a new application. The documentation indicates that RAID 6 and RAID 50 is required. What HP StorageWorks product should you recommend?

HP Storage Works EVA4400.

HP Storage Works MSA60.

HP Storage Works MSA2012i.

HP Storage Works MSA70.


How many copies of volumes and snapshots are admitted when the MSA2012I storage array is used?

128 copies of volumes and 64 images.

128 copies of volumes and snapshots 128

64 copies of the volume and 64 images.

64 copies of volumes and snapshots 128


What resource can be used as the MSA2012FC law as a source of image?

Main volume

Standard volume

Pool accessories

Metadata Unit


When do you use an MSA2000 standard matrix caching mode?

For applications that have access only to serial data.

For applications that have access to sequential and random data.

For applications that need a fault-tolerant configuration cache.

For applications that have access only to random data.


What technology does MSA2012FC use to create the images?

Copy in writing


Divided mirror.

Turn up the volume


What MSA2000 function disables active cache reflex active mode and can improve I / O performance?

Super-series cache mode

Independent cache performance mode

Entry through the caching mode

Writing Return Cache Mode


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