How we get Addicted and Remedies.

1hr 3min of on-demand video.


  • None
  • Simply knowing English is enough.
  • Knowing thing is not enough rather you have to implement it.


Internet, Social Media and Games are too addicted, KNOW THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT.

This course will teach you following.

1. Reason behind Internet Addiction with Total Different Perspective.

2. How it causes Inequality in the world?

3. Social Media and Attention Engineering.

4. Immediate Actions to handle Dopamine.

5. Long term Actions to be away from Internet.

All over the world, People and mostly young and teens are suffering from Internet Addiction. Society as whole, we are thinking what is there in Games, and Social Networking Sites which makes it so addicted. We heard Cigarette gives nicotine and hence we get Addicted but On internet, no one gives us any physical content to have it.

How Social Media giants use psychology of Attention to attract us. This course will hep you understand this Dopamine Neurotransmitter which industry is using against us. This Dopamine dose can really help us achieve our goal if we handle it with Balance.

I encourage to just enroll in this course and see how best it offers.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents, Young and Professional
  • Anyone who wish to grab his life back from internet.
  • Anyone who is Addicted in any form.