Learn how to run a retail store efficiently in a step-by-step manner

This course includes:

  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • Passion and Drive to learn: For learning any course at any age you have to be passionate enough to adapt and learn it with ease and peace, which will help you to grow in your field. Basic Computer knowledge: As you have to take this course online, you are supposed to have basic computer knowledge so that you can take the course without any technical hindrance. Computer/Laptop with Internet Facility: As we do not provide any classroom tutorial, you have to take this course online, for which you will require your laptop or computer with an internet facility.


Retail Management is a united part of Supply chain management, making shopping a pleasant experience to the customers making sure that they leave the store with a smile. Previously retail only meant sale from the stores, or door to door or hand delivery, but now the trend has changed giving a boom to the retail industry. Nowadays, retail is done in a wide scope via online means, where the retail industries are establishing the network marketing by online shopping, using websites and other technology, allowing e payments, and courier services.

For a comprehensive end-user satisfaction, Retail Management is an art that requires employing various tools of logistics management, giving relief to the consumer to shop without any struggle.

The scope of Retail Management is to ensure that all the event of retail is managed correctly. Guaranteeing and Marketing that commodities get to the customer is the main purpose of Retail Management. Retail Management avoids unnecessary chaos at the store by simply ensuring that the customers save time and find their desired product or merchandise and return home with a smile.

By the end of this Retail Management Course, you will learn about branding, how to create successful service, how to market your product or services, strategic planning, merchandising, retail site selection, pricing, and retail channels, offering you a great variable and flexible career.

  • Supply Chain Management: In this retail management certification, you will learn about supply chain management which means supervision of the movement of goods and services from point of origin to point of consumption, comprising movement and storage of Raw materials, finished goods and work in progress inventory. It is the most vital part of Retail Management and requires great skills, which can be achieved by doing this course.
  • Retail Product Lifecycle Management: In this Retail Management Training Certification you will learn about the retail product lifecycle and how to manage this, the Retail Product lifecycle is calculated as per the product and accordingly is supplied to the stores for sale to consumers. A product carries an expiry date. This course will teach you all the techniques to understand and manage the Retail Product Lifecycle.
  • Retail Customer Relationship Management: As at the retail level, it allows you to direct contact with the customer, you need to learn and understand Customer Relationship Management. This Retail Management Course will teach you all the essentials you need to provide satisfaction to your customers.

Who this course is for:

  • Students: Student who are seeking a diploma in SCM/Retail, this course is definitely for them, as it will give them wide scope and opportunity to gain practical knowledge on retail right after their education, also this course will make their CV attractive to the employers, making them stand ahead of all. Professional: Professional who is already working in the Supply Chain team, this Retail Management Course will enhance their knowledge about Supply Chain, and help you grow in your organization, getting a salary hike and designation hike. Entrepreneurs: Those who run their own business, driven by customers, this course will teach them all the techniques and tools of customer relationship management which ultimately results in the growth of sales, which is the prime objective of any business or businessman.