Premium beginner music theory lessons. Learn essentials: how to read, write, play, and compose music with music theory!.

28min of on-demand video.


  • An open mind that is ready to learn!
  • A rudimentary understanding of music theory is helpful, but not required
  • The ability to print the included course materials (optional)


“I thoroughly enjoyed this short course. The instructor has a lovely manner and obviously knows his stuff.” – Fay

Everything about this course is fantastic especially for beginners. I highly recommend it!” – Adriana

In Music Mastermind LITE, Andrew answers the question, “What are the the seven essential elements of music theory?”, but leaves out the fluffy nerd stuff.

Andrew Smith’s core belief is that everyone can understand music. Now, his premium music theory course is available on Udemy! It is designed for both complete beginners and newly-established musicians who want a deeper understanding of music. You can be playing and understanding music in no time! Andrew simplifies complicated topics with straight-forward, structured, and energetic teaching – so get ready to dive into music like never before!

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Who this course is for:

  • The beginner or beginner-intermediate who wants to quickly improve their musical abilities
  • The aspiring songwriter who needs a creative boost
  • The young musician who wants a solid foundation in music theory