Learn the Payment 101 and Payment Fraud 101. Learn common methods and prevention.

2hr 9min of on-demand video.


  • Absolutely no experience is required, we will start from the basics and walk you through all the knowledge you need to know about payment and payment risk
  • Your enthusiasm to learn


Are you ready to start your path to work in payment industry and fight against fraudsters!

Payment and Payment Fraud require some domain knowledge. This comprehensive course is the first one and the only one on Udemy to share everything you need to know about the payment and payment fraud!

With the development of Blockchain and high payment fraud pressure, more and more companies especially tech companies like FB and Google have invested a lot into payment and payment risk management. The payment risk/fraud related job has increased 3 times in the last 2 years.

In this class, we cover all the knowledge you need about payment and payment risk no matter you just prepare for an interview or want to know about it or want to refresh your memory.

This comprehensive course is comparable to the payment training that usually cost hundreds of dollars, but now you can learn all that information at a fraction of the cost!

Here are just a few topics we will be learning:

  • Pull/Push Payment
  • Open-loop/closed-loop payment system
  • The card system
  • Card Authorization, Clearing & Settlement
  • Card Present Transactions vs Card not present transaction
  • Card Interchange Fee
  • Chargebacks and Refunds
  • The ACH system
  • ACH Interchange Fee
  • Account Takeover Risk
  • Stolen Financial Risk
  • Non Sufficient Funds Risk
  • Merchant Risk
  • Authentication
  • How the fraudsters do to avoid risk checks
  • Case Study
  • Risk Strategies and Rules

Enroll in the course and enjoy your time fighting fraudsters today!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to start a career in Payment & Payment Risk
  • Business Analyst for payment risk and fraud
  • Data Scientist for payment risk and fraud
  • Engineer for payment risk and fraud
  • Anyone who is passionate about mitigating risk and catch fraud