1hr 35min of on-demand video.

Algorithm Design Techniques, Backtracking, Divide and Conquer, Memoization, N-queen Problem.


  • A computer or any device for attending the course
  • Knowledge of at least a programming language


               If you have trouble understanding Recursion and Backtracking, which is a recursion based technique, then this course is for you, since it is a course solely dedicated to Recursion and All types of Algorithms related to it.           

              In this course the Basics of Recursion will be learned. The basic Algorithm Design techniques like Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming and Backtracking(Exhaustive Search) will be discussed and many problems related to them will be solved.

             Many different type of problems will be solved, from the simplest, finding the sum of numbers, to more difficult ones like Combinations, Permutations, Memoizations and the famous Flood Fill and N-queen Problem.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to improve his/her skills in Recursion and Backtracking.
  • Coders who want to do good in coding interviews.
  • Struggling students in the topic of Recursion and Backtracking.
  • Students who want to understand better Dynamic Programming and other Paradigms.
  • Coders who have just learned a Programming Language.