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Sample Questions:

What two search templates are the predefined information administrator?

Host activity

internal activity

IDS activity

Firewall activity

port activity

At the request of historical data on the event, can you request available to other users of the system?

Keep your queries published.

Keep it in public templates

Permit for granting to read applications to the domain.

Check the saved query shared option


What is the function of Symantec Security Information Manager provides a centralized list of nodes and devices on the network, which are subject to the correlation of security events?

Asset table

Correlation database

host table

Base safety data objects


What are two ways in which new entries can be added to the assets of the Symantec Security Information Manager Decision Table?

Through the search tables of Pane Manager Information Console

Imports of HP Open View with Open View integration features

Importing CSV files exported from Active Directory

Auto-complete with a compatible vulnerability scanner

What affirmation is true about the rules to deal with Symantec Security Information Manager?

The rules can be created to force events to incidents based on policies defined for each asset.

The rules editor can create a policy for each asset, to determine which rules are executed when the event occurs.

The rules can be customized for each asset, which will execute the vulnerability scan, when a certain type of event occurs.

The Rules tab can be used in the console for the automatic determination of the available ports in the asset.


What makes the three categories of the Asset Table of the Information Manager are used to quantify the importance of the device, and help determine how the incident climbing associated with this device?




a priority