1hr 21min of on-demand video.

The dirty networking secrets web programmers never think about when designing their applications..


  • Basic familiarity with Internet technologies, including IP, TCP and DNS.


This course will tell you how TCP and HTTP (the transport and presentation-layer protocols used by web-based applications) impact the web application responsiveness and page load time.

We’ll look at waterfall diagrams created by web browser development tools, cover the intricate details of TCP and HTTP (including slow start, congestion windows and pipelining), and try to figure out whether SPDY (the next-generation HTTP from Google) makes sense.

The course is delivered via short video lectures in which I gradually expose the problems your web browser faces when trying to fetch all components of a web site, and the solutions you could use to make the process faster.

You can take your time and go at your own pace, or rush through the course and be done in an hour or two. However, I would encourage you to proceed slowly, build your own test environment (using your mobile device or WAN emulator like WANem) and explore what’s going on behind the scenes with browser development tools and Wireshark.</p>

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced web application developers looking to squeeze the last drops of performance from their application.
  • Network engineers trying to understand the impact of the network on the application workload.