Learn more than 100 common Portuguese expressions and start using them immediately.

1hr 3min of on-demand video.


  • After finishing this course, you should take our course Now speak Portuguese, to practice these expressions in a conversation
  • you should repeat the expressions over and over, and try to find the same meaning in your mother language
  • If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask


This is our course (portuguese expressions) you are going to learn the common portuguese expressions in Brasil, most of them are used in other conuntries also where portuguese is spoken. Study more than 100 common expressions, with examples, you can download them in PDF either.

Why studying expressions are importante?

Expressions are something really important in any language, and any person should study them when starts to study any new language.

 Each language has its expressions, not even that, we can find every country has its expressions, in this course will show the most common expressions in Portuguese language especially in Brazil.

Sometimes the expression literally doesn’t make sense, but it actually means something in general

We can find them in the daily conversation, movies, music lyrics, but we don’t find them in the daily newspaper, television news, newspaper ads, radio, television, political speeches, election campaigns, , literature, etc..

Who this course is for:

  • 1- people who doing business with Brazil or Portugal or any country where portuguese is spoken
  • 2- people who often travel to Brazil or Portugal any country where portuguese is spoken
  • 3- People who live in Brazil or Portugal
  • 4- people who are planning for a job in any country where Portuguese is spoken.
  • 5- people who have an interest in Latin culture and affairs
  • 6- people who enjoy the challenge of learning new languages