Sustainable Transformation Through Buddhist Principles.

2hr 10min of on-demand video.


What people are saying:

Rafa changed the game for me when it comes to helping me level up my spirituality and just my understanding of life in general. I credit many of the positive changes that have occurred in my experience over the past few months directly to things that i was able to learn from Rafa and implement into my daily life. Highly recommend getting down on some individual sessions with this man.”
– Tommy Joiner

“Rafael has helped me immensely improve my outlook on life and become a better person. He is flexible, responsive, and a great life coach. Highly recommend if you’re feeling stuck and need a little direction!”
– Andrew Stewart

“Each week we would work on one of the 6 Parami, or 6 perfections: generosity, ethics, patience, energy, concentration, and wisdom. We would begin our hour long meetings by having an open discussion and exploring the paramita of that week. Before the end of each meeting, Rafael would give me a bite-sized “homework assignment” or task to work on for the following week, which we would then discuss my experiences or contemplations the next meeting. The tasks were a bit challenging yet engaging, which held my interest and got me excited for each subsequent meeting. Not too hard and not too easy—just right. Every person has a different learning style and Rafa was quick to make adjustments based on my learning preferences—a skill of a wonderful teacher.”
– Rami Santos

Working with Rafael helped provide the missing pieces of information that other meditation teachers and retreats did not satisfy in order for me to meditate effectively. He is able to clearly articulate and communicate esoteric concepts that may be hard to illustrate with words using multiple angles, analogies, and expressions for complete comprehension. His teaching style is well adapted to be customized for each individual’s unique needs. Where other teachers instruction was often vague and confusing, Rafael was able to fill in the blanks with a systematic and practical arrangement of steps that intelligently build meditation skills in an order that makes sense. His support will certainly take your practice to the next level!”
– Caitlin Thompson

“Rafael listened to me and recommended the type of meditation that best suits me based on my habits. He has advised me to practice Metta meditation and taught me two exercises to implement it. Since our first session, I have been able to implement a morning walk to the park where I also meditate for 10 minutes. I have been doing this every morning and that simple action has helped me to be more focused and calm. He has also helped me to simplify my beliefs and mental blocks about meditation and its difficulty through his ‘Two-Thirds Principle’. That principle has made it simple for me to practice and get going with my daily meditation.”
– Luciano Colos