1hr 58min of on-demand video.

Discover How Your Audience Learns.


  • Access to a laptop or desktop
  • Access to a stable high-speed internet connection
  • Ability to conduct research online
  • Basic knowledge of social media
  • Access to PDF reader
  • Willingness to learn and apply new knowledge


Have you ever been in a class and felt like you were the ONLY person who did not GET IT?

You are NOT alone. So many people feel like they must be the “stupid” person that anyone with a t-shirt that says “I’m with Stupid” is pointing at.

Look it is NOT you. It is HOW someone is attempting to teach you because they have not figured out how to connect to YOU.

Being able to connect with your audience as an instructor in a way that speaks to them is CRUCIAL.

In this course I will break down this mystery so that your students totally get you because you get them. Wouldn’t that be totally AWESOME?

Imagine connecting with your audience in a way they like AND enjoy. Like hello, does this not make total sense to you or what?

So let’s make you STAND OUT to your audience so that they feel understood and heard by YOU. OK?

Are you with me or what?

  • If you are new to course creation OR experienced this process is for you. It’s part of a larger system that I learned in graduate school.
  • If you just want to get by with the status quo then keep on moving. This is not for you.
  • It’s only for those who want to be the best and provide the most effective courses for their audience. PERIOD.

I’ve broken it down for you and I walk you through the thought process so that you are not just sitting staring at paper and wondering what you should write down.

I SHOW YOU exactly how I approach this process so that you when you do it on your own you have a model to go by.

Shazam! Now, doesn’t it make perfect sense for someone to SHOW you and NOT just TELL you?

Talk about hit the bullseye my friend. This is it. On target and all for YOU. So, come on it the water is fine.

In this course you will be able to move past just knowing who your Ideal Audience is in general terms. You will be able to identify how what they know will benefit them and how you can leverage it in the content you teach.

Say what!?!?!

Beyond this you will be able to pinpoint what motivates your people to learn so you can push them along in a way that makes them want to know more—which will totally help you grow your audience.

Look I’ve been there trying to learn from someone that did not use the right approach or any approach at all. My experience with Algebra was dreadful.

Pushed into advanced Algebra without a clue. I FAILED miserably and I was set up to continue to fail all because my needs as a learner were not met.

Don’t let your audience find a moldy orange in what you have to offer. And yes, I literally found one in the back of my Algebra book. Ewwww.

So if you are ready to connect with your audience in a deep way then you are ready to take the plunge and join me.

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Massive amounts of love and tons of hugs – Alanda

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who desire to create online courses
  • Business owners who desire to create online courses
  • Employees who have been tasked to create training
  • Individuals who desire to teach in person or online